School Logo

Shottery St Andrew's CE Primary School

Care, Inspire, Achieve.

School Logo

Shottery St Andrew's CE Primary School

Care, Inspire, Achieve.


School Values and Vision

Our values


Shottery St Andrew’s is a warm and friendly village style school on the outskirts of Stratford upon Avon, where the personal touch is all important. As a school we pride ourselves as having a strong family ethos, where all pupils are known and cared for as individuals. By taking this approach we believe we inspire them to achieve, enabling them to develop to their full potential, with high esteem and outstanding self- confidence.


Shottery School is a Voluntary Controlled Church of England School, which benefits from strong links with the local church also dedicated to St. Andrew.


The school caters for approximately 94 children, divided by age into 4 classes. Class sizes at Shottery are small, on average 26 pupils per class.  This enables staff to know pupils as individuals, maximising the potential to make progress and develop learning.  Our standard intake for reception is 15.


Parents play a large part in the success of Shottery School and we welcome parents to show an interest in what their children do at school, in their children’s work, in their achievements and in their problems.  At the start of each term, class teachers publish information about topics to be covered, these are posted on our website.


Built into the school calendar, are 2 parents’ consultation evenings and an open evening. Parents will also receive written feedback three times a year updating them on their child’s progress as well as giving suggestions for how support may be given at home and next steps for learning in school.  Parents are also able to pop in after school on Wednesdays to meet with staff or may make an appointment for another time should this be required.


We recognise the value of clear and consistent communication and aim to set as many key events within the school year as early as possible to assist parents. The weekly newsletter is emailed each Friday, placed on the website as well as being displayed in the notice board by reception door.


Our vision


At Shottery St Andrew’s School we work as a close team of Governors and staff, parents and children, to achieve our aims. Governors support the school as much as is possible to continue to improve outcomes for all. We aim to improve the effectiveness of leadership and management of the school, for which we are responsible.


We continue to support the Head Teacher and staff in helping the children to develop positive attitudes and values for themselves and help to make sure our children are safe, healthy, confident and happy. We support and value our church connections, with shared values and also British values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs. We include the fruits of the Spirit , as outlined in Galatians 5v22-23:


Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control.


We believe these factors will enable our children to be successful learners who want to make a positive contribution to the wider community, and so develop life- long skills that will enable them to have the best possible futures.


“We care for and inspire; we care about and achieve”.




Each week class teachers and club leaders have the opportunity to nominate children for “Starworker” certificates and values trophies.  The awards are made using the following criteria:


“Starworker” awards are typically given for outstanding pieces of finished work or attitudes in lesson.  Trophies may be won where children demonstrate exemplification of our values for example determination or respect


“Starworker” awards are generally awarded on a weekly basis and should be awarded on a ratio of one pupil per year group.


“Starworker” awards are given for an outstanding contribution either through outstanding attitude or an outstanding completed task. If a task is not completed but it is felt the pupil has done their utmost to achieve to the best of their ability, the award may be given, however careful consideration should be given if work is completed when the child’s attitude or behaviour has been the limiting factor in satisfactory completion of the task.


Our ethos is that all pupils will achieve commendation for their efforts, this may be through “Starworker”, Housepoints, Values pins, Good to be Green, Dojo or verbal praise, however we acknowledge that in all walks of life awards will not be evenly distributed and that some children will gain more commendations than others. Staff will however ensure children are treated fairly and will employ the same criteria for making awards.


There is no central record of awards, beyond those for the current week, however class teachers  keep a record of when they have given “Starworker” to individual children.  From the Summer Term 2019 this will be a dated record.  “Starworker” awards are a desirable achievement for pupils; they should only be awarded if deserved and not because a child has not yet received one, however, before a child is given a second award class teachers are asked to consider if there is a pupil who has not yet received an award who has completed a deserving piece of work.


“Starworker” awards may be given for any aspect of the curriculum. “Starworker” awards are given by the teaching staff assigned to each class.




Trophies are awarded for demonstration of values.  From the Summer Term 2019 we are expanding our range of trophies as shown below.  The new trophies are shown in bold:


  1. Respect
  2. Determination to improve
  3. Helpfulness and kindness
  4. Care for others
  5. Tolerance and valuing others
  6. Patience
  7. Good manners
  8. Good attitude to learning
  9. Contribution to school life
  10. Sportsmanship


Trophies may be given by any member of staff or club leader for witnessed behaviour in any school activity and could be given for behaviour in a lesson, club or in a general aspect of school eg: for outstanding singing during school assembly or kindness to others at breaktime.


In addition to our whole school values trophies some of our sports clubs also make their own player of the week awards, these are generally presented at the end of the club session